Grimwood Heating  has launched a range of atmospheric controls for the horticultural industry for use in managing the growing environment in hothouses, greenhouse and shade houses and hydroponics installations.

The units sense temperature and relative humidity, with adjustable setpoints for the control of heating, cooling, ventilation and humidification. Also available is an optional carbon dioxide sensor for the further control of the growing conditions and climate.

The ability to closely monitor and automatically adjust the growing environment allows optimum production and disease control.

Humidity control can be important in the prevention and control of moulds in horticultural production and is easily achieved by the automatic opening and closing of vents based on actual measured humidity in the growing environment.

The same units can also be used in the control of climate for livestock production, such as laying sheds and indoor feedlots.

The heart of the systems is the Eliwell range of electronic controls and sensors. Controllers are available as either 32x74 panel mount and DIN rail mount series with single line display, or 48x48 and 72x72 panel mount series with two line display showing measured and setpoint values. An option with the controls is the ability to connect to networks with Modbus protocol for remote monitoring, management and reporting.

Temperature and humidity sensors are available in either IP54 or IP65 insulation class.

A summary of the range of controls supplied by Grimwood can be seen in section 15-9 of their on line catalogue.

The Grimwood on line catalogue showcases their extensive range of elements controls and accessories, and is updated with new product releases on a regular basis.