Greywater Reuse Systems  offers a diverse range of rainwater tanks. These rainwater tanks are available in different sizes and dimensions. Rainwater tanks from Greywater Reuse Systems have several beneficial features. These tanks provide fresh water that can be utilised as an effective laundry source. Other features of rainwater tanks include drinking purposes, watering of garden areas, cost effective option as well as ensures to provide water that consist of reduced salt level.

Rainwater tanks from Greywater Reuse Systems are basically installed for efficient usage of household water especially for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Diverse range of rainwater tanks from Greywater Reuse Systems includes polyethylene tanks, fibreglass tanks, steel liner tanks as well as aquaplate tanks.

Greywater Reuse Systems also provides different types of diverters. Different diverters provided by Greywater Reuse Systems include ball valve diverters, rotary valve diverters as well as pushpull diverters. These diverters have been specifically designed for redirecting wastewater from the existing system onto a greywater system. Diverters from Greywater Reuse Systems possess the capability to resist ultraviolet rays. Ball valve diverters from Greywater Reuse Systems enable to direct wastewater to greywater system by closing as well as opening of ball valves.