Greenline Shade and Shelter  offer permanent shading solutions for outdoor purposes. Permanent products include Sail, Hip, Cantilever, Conical, Star and Umbrella. The Sail is an affordable shade structure that comes in a variety of designs to suit any area. The shade structure is mounted on steel posts having different heights. It is available in a variety of colours to suit individual needs. The combination of reliable and effective design makes the Hip shade structure ideal for schools, playgrounds and childcare centres.

The Cantilever shade structure available from Greenline Shade and Shelter has an architectural design and provide maximum shading solution. The Cantilever shade structure has a unique design, which makes it suitable for parks, public areas and pool areas.

The Conical shade structure from Greenline Shade and Shelter has a five post design that is appealing and lasts for a long time. This shade structure is suitable for schools, pools and public areas. The Star is yet another innovative shade structure that has an umbrella and sail design around a central post. The shade structure can be used to enhance any outdoor living area.

The Umbrella shade structure from Greenline Shade and Shelter is made from quality material. The shade structure is suitable for cafes and restaurants. Greenline Shade and Shelter are also known as i-shade.