Greenhouse Health and Sport  offers wheelchair drive systems. These wheelchair drive systems are available in different models. The Terrier model of wheelchair from Greenhouse Health and Sport provides easy as well as simple operation. Different features of these wheelchairs include carrier body with a total weight ranging to about 12.5 kilograms, length of 750 millimetres, control handle having weight of about 1.5 kilograms and available in conjunction with battery pack weighing about sic kilograms.

Terrier model of wheelchair provided by Greenhouse Health and Sport is available at cost effective rates. These wheelchairs should not be used on uneven or sloping surfaces. Wheelchairs from Greenhouse Health and Sport can be used as well as installed onto different types of manual wheelchairs. The components used for the design of this wheelchair comply with industry standards.

Diverse range of features of Terrier wheelchair from Greenhouse Health and Sport includes simple control, operable in power conditions ranging to about 24 volts, electronic auto brake, logical operations, fingertip throttle control, powerful as well as gentle operation, light steering, high level of comfortability and computer programmed for speed as well as power.