Greenhouse Health and Sport  provides pool blanket winder systems. These pool blanket winder systems have been specifically designed for pulling the blankets onto the pool as well as removing them. Pool blanket winders from Greenhouse Health and Sport have simple operation as well as can be stored easily.

Pool blanket winder systems from Greenhouse Health and Sport possess the capability of pulling blankets having length ranging to about 50 metres. These winder systems are height adjustable systems that can even pull smaller length blankets. Different features of these pool blanket winder systems include length of about 1000 metres, width of about 600 millimetres and height of 600 millimetres.

Pool blanket winder systems from Greenhouse Health and Sport comprise of rope with a length of about 70 metres that produces a torque of 240 Newton per metre. These blanket winder systems have stainless steel body in conjunction with stainless steel brake castors.

Greenhouse Health and Sport offers pool lift systems that possess several features including rugged construction, simple operation, lightweight design, working load ranging to about 150 kilograms and removable floating handle.