MP artificial grass from Greener Turf is ideally suited for use on tennis courts, hockey fields, volleyball courts, baseball fields and running tracks.  

It is available in red or emerald green and is made of  Polypropylene 6600/8800 and Dtex fibrillated fibres. Because of the elasticity of its fibres, MP artificial grass is an extremely durable product. It can easily handle the demands of top level sport.  

MP artificial grass has a high level of UV resistance, so it is resistant to fading, even under the hottest sun. It is highly weather resistant and easy to maintain.              

MP artificial grass is produced using computerised 'Cobble Tufting' machines from the United Kingdom. This advanced production technology and process guarantee a quality product. Greener Turf artificial grass features quality imported grass yarn. As such, it is durable and high-wear resistant.