Recently, the Greene Fire crew from the Sydney branch attended a fire training course run by the NSW Fire Brigade.

The Sydney Greene Fire crew consisting of Mike Harrington, Scott Riley and Karl Pettit spent an entire day, experiencing and learning from, a range of tasks that fire fighters have to complete during their training.

These tasks included the Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) that all fire fighters have to pass before joining duty; wearing breathing apparatus before walking up a 7-storey tower to simulate dealing with a real fire situation; going 35 metres up in a BMU unit connected to a fire brigade truck to simulate how to attack a fire from a height; using the ‘Jaws of Life’ to remove car doors to simulate how to get to victims in a traffic accident; and using the hose to simulate putting out fires.

Karl Pettit said the training helped them better understand the importance of fire safety systems and why Greene Fire works so hard to promote these systems.