Available from Green Roof Technologies , VersiCell is a sub-surface drainage module that offers architects and developers greater design flexibility in a wide range of landscape, building and construction applications.

A high strength, lightweight, and interlocking sub-surface drainage module manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, VersiCell features an open surface design and high internal void volume which results in highly efficient drainage.

In a green roof application, VersiCell sub-surface drainage modules provide a drainage cavity and an additional protection layer for the waterproof membranes, as well as eliminating the need for a gravel course.

Key advantages of VersiCell sub-surface drainage solutions include:

  • greater design flexibility as modules can be interlocked in one plane or at right angles to form continuous large panels, conduits and tanks
  • easy installation thanks to large easy to join modules or pre-assembled panels
  • lightweight and high strength thanks to honeycomb design
  • durability and resistance to biological and chemical attack
  • efficient drainage thanks to high surface and internal void volume
  • narrow profile enables greater soil depth in planter beds, allowing a wider variety of landscape plants.
Typical areas of application for VersiCell sub-surface drainage modules include:
  • green roof and landscaped decks
  • paved areas and roadways
  • sports fields
  • retaining/basement walls
  • pond filtration
  • bridge abutments
  • tunnels and landfills
  • golf courses.