Green Rhino  distributes diverse range of floor preparation equipment. Contec Alpha floor grinder supplied by Green Rhino is a small grinder that is powered by 110 V or 230V single phase. This grinder weighs about 42 kilograms. Removable and adjustable handle bar, compact size, removable dust shroud, replaceable diamond segments with extensive grinding are some of the features of this equipment.

Delta II diamond grinder provided by Green Rhino is a versatile grinder capable of grinding concrete and asphalt floors. This grinder is suited for removal of rubber deposits, bituminous coatings, adhesives and impacted dirt found on factory floors. The rear axle of this grinder can be adjusted either in forward or backward direction.

Contec tornado vacuum distributed by Green Rhino has been ideally designed to handle large volume of concrete dust. This vacuum also consists of automatic filter cleaning and requires minimal maintenance. This equipment has been suited to work in conjunction with Delta II diamond grinders and M200 shot blasting machines.

Contec 250 multi prep system consists of features including vibration damped handlebars, dust free operation, robust construction, diverse range of cutters and durable cutter drum assemblies.