Green Rhino  specialises in concrete surface preparation. Green Rhino provides concrete surface preparation by incorporating techniques such as diamond grinding, dustless shotblasting, scarifying, scraping, reducing and floor levelling. Diamond grinding has many applications including paint coating removal, adhesive removal, bituminous coverings removal, screed removal, epoxy floor preparation and floor levelling.

Diamond grinding is conducted by Green Rhino using Contec Omega diamond grinder. This machine performs many functions including grinding of concrete, removal of paint and coatings, edging work in buildings, floor cleaning and concrete preparation. This machine provides a simple operation. It consists of a handlebar that can be easily adjusted according to the comfort level of the operator and it produces minimal noise during operation.

Dustless shotblasting provided by Green Rhino is a dry and dustless surface preparation method for various applications including paint coating removal, safety etching, roadline removal and slab preparation. Green Rhino uses Contec Modul 350 dustless shotblaster, which provides mobile and dust free blast cleaning. This effective surface preparation system can be used even on steel decks, bridges and tanks.

Contec CT 200 multi prep system has features including height adjustment, dust free operation, belt tensioner and robust construction. This equipment is ideal for various applications like scabbing, surface texturing, planning, grooving, de scaling and removal of road markings.