Green Resources Material Australia Pty Ltd is committed to delivering innovative products of the highest quality and performance standards, with minimal impact on the environment.

Every step of the manufacturing process from the raw materials up to the final product, the company is focussed not only on the quality and performance aspects but also the amount of resources and energy involved in the process that will determine the environmental impact of the end product.

BioWood Australia is actively seeking new ways to help sustain our environment today for a better future tomorrow. BioWood uses sustainable reconstituted composite wood to manufacture their products, thereby contributing immensely towards maintaining a cleaner environment and minimising deforestation.

BioWood products are comprised of 70% reconstituted wood, with 50% of the dry weight in the wood used being carbon. This stored carbon and low embodied energy help reduce their carbon footprint to make their products environment-friendly.

BioWood architectural reconstituted composite wood looks and feels like the real thing. Moreover, it is 100% recyclable and has a low environmental impact.

Make a difference today – choose a BioWood product and help sustain our environment with a high quality timber alternative.