Australian foil insulation manufacturer Green Insulation introduces a new patented system designed for excellent performance.

CRIS (Commercial Residential Insulation System), the new insulation system provides exceptional R-values of up to R7.1 in commercial buildings. Based on a new unique concept of using aluminium bubble foil insulation (made from reinforced foil laminate), CRIS is surface treated with Green Insulation’s unique, patented anti-glare protective coating - Reflecta-Coat to prevent oxidisation and corrosion, keeping the foil highly reflective and well outlasting the manufacturer’s 15-year guarantee. 

The air space provided by this system and the installation concept are both responsible for the industry-leading R7.1 value. 

Green Insulation’s in-house Engineer, Jason Hawley, who played a major role in the R&D, explains that the unique insulation system has been in development for over a year and can create an R-value of up to R7.1 in commercial buildings. He adds that it will also be cheaper to buy and easier to install than traditional bulk insulation.

The new insulation system is fully certified and tested, adhering to the Australian Building Code. Carried out by independent Consulting Engineer, James Fricker, the testing found that the system, when installed correctly, can save up to 40% in heating and cooling costs, delivering both financial and environmental benefits. James Fricker is an expert consulting engineer on building heating and cooling energy and insulation.

CRIS benefits include lower cost of installation than traditional fibre blankets; market-leading R-value; 40% saving on air-conditioning over blanket; clean and green with no itchy fibre components; less waste; installation possible on cloudy wet days; and reinforced scrim on both sides.