The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has called upon the returned Baird Government to broaden NSW’s focus on sustainability and ensure a better future for the community.

Congratulating Premier Mike Baird and his team on their re-election, GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew said that they looked forward to working collaboratively to secure NSW’s future as a ‘sustainable state’.

According to Madew, the Baird Government in its previous term demonstrated its commitment to more sustainable buildings and communities, encouraging renewable energy through a range of policies and programs, such as improving the Energy Savings Scheme and introducing the Government Resource Efficiency Program.

GBCA now hopes to see the Baird Government show a commitment to achieving Green Star ratings for all types of government buildings, including schools and healthcare facilities.

Madew comments that NSW has 199 of the 840 Green Star certified projects around Australia, coming in second only to Victoria. However, not one of these Green Star-certified buildings in NSW is a state government building.

GBCA is particularly keen for Urban Growth NSW to embrace the use of Green Star – Communities for urban renewal and urban development projects.

Madew noted that the Baird Government can build further on the sustainability platform to meet economic, social and environmental priorities, saving money, future-proofing assets, improving the productivity, health and wellbeing of workers, and building better communities.

Madew adds that embracing sustainable development can secure a better future for everyone in the state.