Graphisoft  offers specifically tailored courses and weekend courses. Under specifically tailored courses CAD manager, Large group and Design Directors and Practice Partners are the courses offered. Graphisoft can tailor any course according to specific requirements of clients. Programmes can be designed by Graphisoft taking in to account the needs of each group. A skills assessment is conducted on each trainee to identify the areas which need to be focused for each individual.

Although most of the training courses of Graphisoft run during business hours, some weekend courses are also conducted occasionally. The clients must enquire about the course calendar of Graphisoft and choose the best available option according to their schedule.

Apart from these special courses Graphisoft also runs regular courses such as GDL (Geometric Description Language) essential and professional, Art-lantis rendering. These courses suit the needs of different requirements and one can choose among these courses based on individual needs. The special courses and weekend courses are mostly suitable for working professionals who do not find time during the weekdays. These courses are also suitable for people who require some special training to enhance their skills and make them more productive.