Grant Elevators  is an Australian company which is involved in the supply of a wide variety of efficient and elegant dumbwaiters and stairway lifts.

Dumbwaiters have a number of uses throughout homes, such as to lift groceries from the garage to your kitchen. Multiple doors can be attached to permit unloading and loading from both the sides. Dumbwaiters from Grant Elevators consist of cabin and doors that are constructed using stainless steel.

The optional features of the multiple doors include removable shelf and self-supporting towers. Dumbwaiters from Grand Elevators are manufactured according to Australian standards and they can be custom designed to suit individual requirements.

Stairlifts from Grant Elevators permit free movement and transport of up and down, curved or straight stairways. Some of the features of stairlifts include swivel seat and remote control operation of the lift. The chairs are also easily foldable, providing space for stair users. Both outdoor and indoor models are available with a wide range of fabrics and colours, including woven fabrics and leather designs.