Graftons Sound & Lighting  is a provider of event management and audiovisual solutions to the commercial sector in Australia. Graftons Sound & Lighting specialises in film and video production, equipment hire and organisation of events and functions.

Graftons Sound & Lighting strives to fulfill all the requirements of small or independent filmmakers who may not have resources of their own. Graftons Sound & Lighting supplies essentials such as desks, stands and dimmers to these independent filmmakers. Other audiovisual production equipment such as fast fold screens, brackets, adaptors, plasma televisions and projectors are also readily available at Graftons Sound & Lighting. Air screens supplied to filmmakers are available in the 14 x 7m to 4 x 5m range. Video cameras and operators for small budget films and production is supplied by Graftons Sound & Lighting.

Apart from these, Graftons Sound & Lighting is also able to film and document events on demand. The company provides live feeds, edited versions or promotional DVDs of clients’ events and functions. These films are shot by experienced production teams from Graftons Sound & Lighting.