Good Wood  provides total information about timber to improve the practise of timber in Australia. Timber is widely used for many applications throughout Australia for many decades. There are three broad categories of timber species and these include Australian native forest timber, home-grown plantation timber and imported timber.

Good Wood provides a guide that contains all varieties of timber and their common trading names. The guide also lists outs basic properties of timber like weight, durability, density, hardness rating and strength group. The hardness rating is expressed in kilo Newtons or kN.

Good Wood provides information on standards, codes and labels for timber in Australia. Good Wood also provides complete information about technical properties, manufacturing timbers, preservation of timbers, building with timber, milling and drying timber, health and safety, recycling, disposal, paper and cardboard, environmental benefits, etc.

Timber is prone to damage and destroy by biological organisms. Good Wood outlines that different methods are available to treat and preserve timbers in accordance with specific applications. Timber is a versatile material and differs among from species.

Good Wood relates that flooring timber is chosen by its strength, hardness, colour and stability. Framing timber is selected for its strength and economy. Cabinet-making timber is chosen for their grain patterns and colours. Landscaping and outdoor timbers are chosen for their strength and durability.