Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) has launched a completely redesigned website with a refreshed look, new logo and new features.

The new website, comes complete with a new web address and a .eco domain, which caters to the environmental community – GECA is one of the first organisations to use the new domain. These .eco web addresses are available to any business, government, non-profit or individual working toward a sustainable future.

The bold new look and feel of the website prioritises user-friendly navigation for users while an updated product search feature allows everyone from architects and designers to consumers and procurement professionals to easily choose the best third-party certified products and services. The responsive design of the new website allows access from any device.

To support GECA’s broader mission to provide solutions for sustainable consumption and production, the new website showcases the full range of services offered by the organisation, including consultation and advisory services, education and training opportunities, and advocacy links across the globe.

The refreshed branding launched alongside the new website includes a redesigned logo with the ecolabel given a fresh, modern update, while remaining a recognisable symbol of trust and credibility in communicating sustainability. GECA’s new logo has been officially recognised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as a certification trademark, adding a further layer of trust and credibility to the GECA brand.

GECA’s Marketing Manager, Paula Clasby adds that GECA goes beyond being a mere environmental label by taking a truly holistic approach to sustainability.