Good Environmental Choice Australia  is committed to enhance the sustainable consumption of environmentally friendly products in Australia. Australian green procurement is an initiative of the Good Environmental Choice programme. Green procurement is recognised as a tool that allows any organisations to procure environmentally friendly products. An effective green procurement programme facilitates an organisation to buy goods and services that has lower impact on environment and maintains functionality, quality and cost competitiveness.

Green Procurement training programme provides complete information about product certification, sustainability, verification, eco labelling and life cycle analysis. Green procurement aims to deliver value for money by providing training that is mainly intended for procurement officers who are in a position to make decisions about choosing products and services for their organisations.

Apart from procurement officers, purchasing officers, environmental advisors and managers can also be benefited from Green Procurement training. This course is ideal for public service agencies, local government, non government organisations, small business, corporations and upcoming companies. The duration of the Green Procurement course is only two days and this enables the procurement officers to create a specification related to green procurement after the completion of the course.