Golden Fleece Insulation  offers wool insulation products. Golden Fleece wool bulk fill is an insulation product that has a thermal rating of R2.5 to R4.0 with respect to the density and thickness of the material installed.

Batts are used to place around fans, down lights, ceiling vents and over manholes and flues. Golden Fleece sheep’s wool insulation is Australian grown and processed wool. Recycled and waste wool is not used. Golden Fleece wool insulation is designed to comply with the industry and building code standards for building insulation materials.

Golden Fleece wool insulations are thermal resistant and have high moisture absorbent property. It is non-toxic, fire safe, odour free and user friendly. Golden Fleece wool insulation is resistant to moths, carpet beetle and it also does not attract vermin.

Golden Fleece Insulation creates wool insulation products from clean, pure wool. A scientific process is then carried out to ensure the correct length and quality of the fibres. Wool blend batts can be easily installed with need no protective coating. The thermal ratings of Golden Fleece wool blend batts range from R1.5 to R4.0. Batts are available in various sizes to suit all applications.