Sunday 11th November 2007, saw the second annual Walk Against Warming.  With up to 150,000 people marching across the country the topic of climate change has never been so prevalent.  

As individuals there are a number of ways available to us to reduce energy consumption and green house gases.  Window Energy Rating Scheme is used in relation to the BASIX system and acknowledges that “The application of window film can positively contribute to a building’s energy rating”.  Window film is a cost effective alternative to low-e and ‘comfort’ glazing types for both the residential and commercial markets.  

Installation of Solar Control Film reduces heat transference from outside in.  Limiting the volume of solar energy entering the building/room reduces the need for artificial coolers such as air conditioners and fans to maintain a comfortable, workable temperature.   

All Protection Tinting recently installed Solar Gard window film, manufactured by Bekaert Speciality Films, to the Salvation Army’s Parramatta offices.  This complimentary job not only saves the Salvo’s money now but will also help to reduce energy consumption and costs for years to come.