Rays of sunshine do not wait to be invited into your home and although sunshine can bring life and warmth to a room, it can also result in high levels of glare, skin damaging UV and discomfort.

Many consumers know that Solar Control Film is able to reduce heat, glare and energy costs yet are not aware of important health benefits.

It has been recorded that window film is effective in the fight against sun damage to the skin, reducing premature ageing, skin disorders, melanomas and cataracts.

There are disorders, triggered by the sun, which affect the quality of life of many sectors of society. Solar Control Film can reduce exposure to UV by 99 per cent and glare by 93 per cent.

By controlling UV radiation entering a room, you may reduce the likelihood of an attack of Lupus or cell damage resulting in lesions induced by UVA.

Individuals who have problems with their sight, especially cataract sufferers, experience considerable discomfort caused by glare. Therefore application of Solar Control Film with glare reducing properties can provide considerable relief to those individuals.

Unlike traditional methods of blocking out the sun, ie. curtains and blinds, Solar Control Film does not block your view or change the aesthetics of the building.

Some films are hardly noticeable from either the inside or out, yet heat, glare and fading are all drastically reduced. Films come in clear or a range of coloured finishes, with a large selection of densities and heat rejection qualities. They can be easily and quickly applied to windows and glass doors in your home or office.

We at All Protection Tinting , a privately owned company, established since 1991, specialise in a range of films including Solar Control Film. We are Australia’s largest independent operation and are free to use any brand of film, sourcing the highest quality films with proven colour stability and excellent performance.