GOCUBE  introduces the Security Window Film for security purpose. Installation of Security Window film provides hazard reduction in the following situations:

  • Break and Enter
  • Bomb blasts / Explosions
  • Extreme weather

Break and Enter

Security Window Film applied to the windows deters intruders, resulting in added protection for personal safety and valuables. Security Window Film fitted to plate glass shop windows makes rapid smash and grab theft unlikely. It normally requires several hard blows to smash the glass, and several more to produce an opening large enough to reach or enter through.

Bomb blasts / Explosions

Architects and planners have become used to designing buildings to withstand threats imposed by extreme weather conditions and fire.

Unfortunately, it seems that in addition to these considerations, today, no building is immune from the possibility of explosion or bomb blast. Over the years, Safety and Security Window Film has been tested by numerous private and government agencies in Australia, England and USA.

Security Window Film is so strong, and has consistently demonstrated its ability to hold shattered glass, even when the entire window is blown out of its frame. In the event of an explosion or bomb blast, these films reduce the risk of injury from flying glass.