The author, Carl Strautins from Slip Check Pty Ltd recently presented this article at the world congress on quality ceramic tiles in Spain.

So, why is sustainable slip resistance so important? Ceramic tiles along with most flooring surfaces can become less slip resistant with use. This can occur rapidly such that some relatively new products can become hazardous within a short period of time.

So how does the specifier ensure that the surface will remain safe for its intended use?

Simply specifying using HB197 will not ensure a surface is safe. This has serious implications when specifying on factory fresh test results.

This article uncovers the truth using the latest scientific results about the sustainability and what else should be considered when a tile or other surface like anti slip coated surface is specified. While the surface at its original condition passes the relevant standard requirements it can wear off very quickly due to heavy traffic, regular harsh mechanical cleaning or become ineffective due to lack of proper cleaning.

So, how should someone who has to specify a surface should go about it?

While the answer is not simple, the accelerated wear test result of the proposed surface material – sustainability test – can greatly assist with the decision.  

Once the test result is available a much clearer picture can be gained about how the proposed surface will retain its slip resistive qualities over a period of time.  

This can save large amount of money on replacement or application of remedial treatments of surfaces and reduces any potential issues between the specifier and the client. Organisations that design, construct and procure their own buildings recognise that sustainable slip resistant surfaces help to mitigate their risk of slip and fall incidents, as well as possible litigation.  

This test can also be used during resurfacing projects when the correct remedial treatment could be a more cost effective and better suited solution than ripping up the surface and replacing with another.

It is worth seeking out product manufacturers, remedial treatment suppliers whose product has undergone accelerated wear testing to ensure that the product is fit for purpose over the lifecycle of the building.