The old concrete driveway and recently resurfaced walking pathways and stairs of this house were badly in need of a dramatic facelift as well as increase of the slip resistance of the surfaces. 

Global Safe Technologies Australia was called on to assess the situation and asked to provide an environmentally friendly sustainable solution, which not only will increase the slip resistance of the surface, but improves the aesthetical appearance.

After the initial free assessment of the situation and detailed discussion of the client’s specific requirements, it was decided to go ahead with the Floor Tuff Green environmentally friendly polyurethane anti slip coating, due to its proven hard wearing and long lasting slip resistance and fast curing time. The proposed solution will ensure that it will solve the problem for several years.

To cater for the aesthetical appearance, application of the speckle coated versions was suggested on the walking paths and stairs, which the client has accepted in their nominated colours.

Global Safe Technologies Australia has also repaired minor cracks and broken surfaces as part of the preparatory work, before embarking on the anti slip coating.

The job was completed within agreed time and budget and the clients have expressed their satisfaction with the professionalism of Global Safe Technologies Australia as well as the quality of the workmanship and now feel that their home not only became much safer, but also nicer and more pleasant with the speckled surfaces.