OH&S management of a well known port-related services provider company required solutions for various OH&S related issues at their Sydney terminal. The issues were providing long term sustainable signage for the cradle operators as well as floor safety solution in various areas.

After visiting the Global Safe booth at the Sydney Safety Show, the port -elated service company asked Global Safe to visit the site for further discussion and assessment relating to various OH&S issues. Global Safe is represented by Global Safe Technologies Australia .

One of their immediate concerns was the quick wearing, dirtying and frequent re-application requirement of specific signs which assist the cradle operators within the plant. Global Safe head office and their New South Wales-based floor safety representative Global Safe (NSW) attended the meeting and discussed the requirements.

The situation was fully assessed and various solutions were proposed. Port management has prioritised the issues. The decision was that at the first stage the line marking for the cradle drivers as well as the washing bay area be addressed.

The company have proposed using their cold fusion based hard wearing anti slip product called the Safe Grip for replacement of specific signs. The surface was also raised to ensure that the cradle driver not only will notice the sign but also will “feel” that the heavy equipment’s wheel crossing the sign.

After removal of several layers of existing line marking paint the surface was properly prepared and the product was applied. As a trial the company have also installed their protection line on some signs, so port operation management can assess how well it will be suited and how easy it will be to clean. The project was completed on a weekend while the port is still fully operational, to ensure that the application will not have any impact on normal operations.

The next stage of the project will include the washing bay anti slip treatment and installation of additional signs. For the washing bay, the Floor Tuff Green environmentally friendly polyurethane anti slip coating will provide the solution and the Safe Grip will get employed at the signs. As both products have undergone independent accelerated wear test, the management also will be able to pro-actively plan maintenance based on the expected useful life of the solutions.

Global Safe’s risk management programme called The Floor Safety Maintenance Programme or FSMP is also offered to the client ensuring ongoing monitoring and reporting of the surface condition.