Global Crushers and Spares (GCS)  offer a wide range of quality crushing equipment such as portable crusher, tracked crusher, rubble master pre-screen, mobile screens, over size grain separator and track screen rubble master.

Features of portable crusher include straightforward handling with remote control,
automatic feeding with 2 speed levels, efficient magnetic separator, integrated system to deal with blockages, low loading edge and low diesel consumption. Portable crushers can be expanded to a complete recycling centre with pre and post-screening.

Features of tracked crusher include average capacity up to 200 tph, integrated release system to deal with blockages, straightforward handling and support with ground based service, remote control for all functions, simultaneous crushing and manoeuvring, trouble-free steel extraction, efficient magnetic separator, extremely effective diesel-electric drive concept, low diesel consumption and quick-action system to open and close the crusher.

The compact mobile rubble master screens are flexible equipment which are designed to sort and separate fine material from rubble, asphalt, concrete and excavated material while features of over size grain separator includes separation of oversized grain using 3-comb cascades, reduced fine grade content, maximum throughput capacity and power supply through the crusher generator.