Buying a new kitchen appliance can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times, but now there is a way to test before you buy.

To celebrate 100 years of British cooking, Belling has launched the Belling Bistro to educate consumers on smarter and more confident cooking.

The Belling Bistro is part of the company's Australian head office showroom, situated in Mount Waverley, 20 km southeast of Melbourne's CBD.

At the Bistro, monthly classes are held for people who have purchased or are interested in purchasing a Belling cooker or oven.

With such a large selection of cooking appliances on display, consumers can wander around the showroom and look at the complete Belling range before arranging a test drive at the Belling Bistro.

Consumers can test the functionality and many features of the range during the classes, so they can get bang for their buck when buying a new cooker or oven.

During the classes, sleeves are rolled up and quality two or three course meals are cooked and then enjoyed, all under the watchful eye of a Belling Home Economist.

David Woodward, managing director at Belling said, “The feedback we’ve had from consumers has been great. They leave feeling happy and excited to get cooking on their new Belling cooker, which is what we want.”

The Belling Bistro is proving popular, with 75% of people who come to the classes going on to purchase a Belling product.