Gleamous Australia Pty Ltd  introduces a new range of instant hot water systems designed to save energy, water and money from the first day of use.

The new Gleamous GL5 home instant hot water unit helps save homeowners up to 40% on their hot water energy bills, according to Gleamous Australia general manager, Nick Tsotras.

Mr Tsotras explains that traditional hot water storage units and even gas systems waste water and energy. Water in conventional hot water storage units has to be heated to 75°C to kill bacteria, but is delivered to the tap at up to 50°C, which is a waste of energy. Additionally, the time it takes for water to heat up at the tap on its way from the hot water system also leads to significant wastage of water.

Recently introduced to the Australian market, the GL5 instant residential hot water systems will reduce home energy consumption for the consumer. Suitable for installation in any part of the house, the GL5 unit does not involve any hot water storage or pre-heating, with hot water available instantaneously at the point of use. Energy use is limited to the hot water used by the consumer, reducing energy bills substantially.

A calculator on the Gleamous website will help the homeowner calculate the amount of electricity consumed by the instant hot water unit, even breaking it down to the day, week, month and year. The instantaneous nature of the Gleamous water heaters allows precise calculation of energy consumption.

The Gleamous GL5 home instant hot water unit not only offers a practical solution to the ever increasing energy and water bills, but also addresses concerns related to the new carbon tax as well as non-availability of government rebates on solar hot water systems.

Key benefits of Gleamous GL5 home instant hot water systems:

  • Saves cost on power and water
  • Hot water always on tap
  • No water storage or pre-heating required
  • Constant temperature due to an in-built LCD screen with easy temperature adjustment
  • Two-year warranty
  • Super sleek, innovative design
  • Compact design can fit into a cupboard or left on display