Gleamous Australia Pty Ltd  hot water systems offer an ideal solution to get instant hot water on demand in the kitchen.

Gleamous DSL–30N 5-litre hot water storage units eliminate the wait involved in the hot water reaching the point of use, helping to save up to 20 litres of water on every use.

A kitchen can account for about 10% of total water consumption in a home. Water wastage can be minimised by switching to the Gleamous DSL-30N unit.

The Gleamous DSL–30N is an electric 5-litre storage hot water unit providing 75°C hot water within two seconds. Perfect for household kitchen sinks, offices, commercial kitchens, pubs, clubs, bars, showrooms and canteens where hot water is needed instantly, the Gleamous DSL-30N comes complete with a 10amp plug similar to a kettle or toaster, ready for installation by a plumber.

Sleek in design with adjustable power and temperature settings, the Gleamous DSL–30N 5-litre instant hot water systems can be installed above or below bench tops. The compact 441h x 250w x 162d dimensions allow them to be fitted almost anywhere.