Choosing the right outdoor sun shade can be difficult, for many are the details to be taken into account. Many outdoor sun shade systems are designed with the sole aim of providing shade and protection from sunlight.

Shades can prove to be inflexible systems when it comes to rain, cold and wind. People expect these structures to provide protection from these elements. .For this reason, outdoor sun shades are designed to be complemented with side walls.

Giulio Barbieri can offer a highly flexible and professional solution to complete its sun shades with soft side walls: Giulio Barbieri covering structures have been designed with embedded tracks under the beams to make it possible to slide side walls in and out through a system of nylon sliding blocks. This way, these architectural sun shades can offer shelter from cold, providing a neat and functional system. To complement this, Giulio Barbieri offers also infra-red ray heaters that clip directly onto the beams of the structure.

In addition to this, Giulio Barbieri added its touch to the soft walls used in its sun shades, implemented with several interesting features. First, the side walls are made of high quality PVC, manufactured by Ferrari. Second, Giulio Barbieri decided to face the problem of the wind, usually underestimated. So, embedded in the fabric of the walls for its sun shades, are thin aluminium bars that prevent the walls from flapping when it is windy.

In addition to this, Giulio Barbieri designed an optional ground aluminium track that walls can lock to when the wind is too high. This ground aluminium track can be easily inserted and removed, according to the need. Once inserted, however, the walls can still slide along the beam. Third, the company designed different types of walls (plain, with two types of windows…) to make its sun shades not only roomy and comfortable inside, but also good looking.

Furthermore, for the new Leader and Dynamic sun shades, Giulio Barbieri designed the new CLACK closing system: a quick and robust closing system made of an aluminium bar and a handle that clips directly onto the legs.

Finally, sliding rigid walls are also available for Giulio Barbieri sun shades. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminium, and the sliding panels can be made either of safety glass or polycarbonate 10 mm.