Giulio Barbieri has recently introduced the Leader and Dynamic series, as an upgraded version of the classic Summer marquees. These two new models maintain the features of the Summer marquees but can offer something more…

Like the Summer, the new models are made of high quality materials (Ferrari PVC and powder-coated aluminium).

Like the Summer, the new Leader and Dynamic are modular covering structures: through the use of a solid rain gutter, every module can be connected with other structures to cover wide and odd shaped areas.

Like Summer marquees, the new models are equipped with adjustable feet, a feature that is useful when dealing with uneven surfaces.

Like Summer marquees, neither Leader nor Dynamic marquees have posts in the middle of the covered area.

The same optional items are available for all the structures: rigid and soft sliding walls (plain, with windows and see-though), fan, three types of lights (low consumption, neon and halogen), infra-red ray heaters, flooring system, linings…All these optional features have been designed to be connected easily to the structures.

So, without renouncing the characteristics that distinguish all Giulio Barbieri covering structures, the new marquees are now able to offer some additional features.

Leader marquees share with the Summer the external frame; but Dynamic marquees are distinguished by a more classic internal frame. So, it is now possible to choose between an architectural structure with a clean ceiling inside and a more classic structure that has the advantages offered by the Barbieri design, and whose inside can be complemented with a lining to keep the neat look that distinguishes Giulio Barbieri marquees.

In addition, both Leader and Dynamic marquees have been designed for a new type of soft sliding walls. Instead of the classic three straps, these new walls feature a neat and professional closing system, the CLACK. This new closing system is made of an aluminium bar on both ends of the wall; each end features a handle that makes the aluminium bar clip easily and quickly into the legs.

Finally, Leader and Dynamic marquees are available in hexagonal and octagonal shapes, obviously still connectable with differently shaped modules.