Giulio Barbieri has introduced the Academy clear span structure, a structure designed to cover wide areas. The big structures can be 30m wide, and can be as long as requested.

With this clear span structure, Giulio Barbieri aimed at adding its touch to a classic design. The Academy is made of a solid and strong aluminium framework, and is covered with Ferrari PVC.

The single components of the Academy clear span structure are submitted to the following special treatments:

  • Anodising 10 micron, silver colour, for the aluminium profiles
  • Hot flame treatment, high pressure, for the steel joints
  • Stainless steel for the connection crews between profiles and joints, bolts and purlins
  • Acrylic enamelling for the top cover’s protection from UV light-rays or moulds

The closing type steel joints (realised by laser cutting), the light materials (aluminium profiles) and the dismountable structure enable easy and practical transport.

In addition, the Academy clear span structure is equipped with quick connections and characterised by innovative technological devices that enable a regular assembling, on a step-by-step basis. The closing type joints, depending on the needs, enable the installation on site of this clear span structure either fully disassembled or pre-assembled.

Moreover, the cover insertion is made easier, by a special kit for keeping the fabric on track during the introduction phase. In addition to this, Academy clear span structures are equipped with a wheel system at the peak to drag the fabric across the roof more easily. Also, the cover tensioning is facilitated by a quick handle-driven system.

Finally, embedded in the aluminium profiles of this clear span structure, are tracks to slide walls and attach many of the optional items available in the Giulio Barbieri catalogue: lights, and infra-red ray heating systems.