Gineico Lighting worked with Squillace Architects on the lighting design of their new corporate headquarters in Sydney.

Formerly the Surry Hills Francis De Sales and Presbytery Church, Squillace’s new office was an adaptive reuse of the church with the young architecture and interior design firm completing the historical conversion in 2018.

Squillace completely reimagined the interior working space for their 20-plus creatives while retaining the existing fabric to inform the new design. Though natural light streamed into the interior space through the stained glass windows, the team needed more light for their work.

Working with the technical office of Luciferos in Italy, Gineico set up new lighting standards for the open plan office area, providing the correct lighting levels. The ambient wall of LED low energy lights was specified and light simulations modelled to measure the right lighting levels for the office space.

File 2 Sistema, a custom up-light with a prismatic diffuser was selected for installation throughout the church to serve as a lighting system that had maximum impact with minimum energy consumption. This light was cleverly placed around the church nave perimeter to enhance the architectural appeal while also minimising the amount of lighting required.

Luciferos ‘Phar’ 120mm diameter professional spotlights were used in the nave to highlight the architectural ceiling features. A deconstructed Christian cross was created above the altar using the Luciferos ‘Minifile LED Modular’.

Photographer: Terence Chin