Light fixtures made using AirCoral, a patented material from Buzzi & Buzzi, are revolutionising the architectural lighting industry with their ability to improve the quality of life by making spaces healthier and safer.

Buzzi & Buzzi’s eco-friendly material AirCoral not only delivers bactericidal action against pathogenic agents carrying potentially serious diseases, but can also break down pollutants encountered in the urban environment, such as Hexane, a toxic gas produced by the use of hydrocarbons for fuel and heating. AirCoral transforms the air’s harmful substances into harmless ones thanks to a process very similar to photosynthesis.

The effects of AirCoral have been assessed and measured by Manchester University (November 2017 – School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science), which highlighted the following properties:

1. Antibacterial

AirCoral is effective on all bacteria with particular efficacy on Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae responsible for various illnesses involving the lungs and heart. In particular, the study demonstrates the high reduction of microbial growth.

2. Anti-Polluting

Volatile polluting substances are converted into harmless products, with particular efficacy towards carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and methyl sulphide.

3. Purifying

AirCoral has the capacity to considerably reduce the presence of metals in the air, with greater effect on cadmium and lead – metals responsible for serious health problems.

High performance architectural lighting

An Italian leader in the lighting sector since 1990, Buzzi & Buzzi has been creating architectural lighting products that deliver high performance, functionality, efficiency and aesthetics. Available from Gineico Lighting, the brand has established itself both nationally and internationally thanks to its patented materials including Coral, AirCoral, DurCoral and Coral Water Out.

AirCoral is based on Coral, the first material to be patented and known today for its incredible technical qualities and resistance to atmospheric agents, impacts, abrasions, weather and any kind of context. It is also shock-resistant, fireproof and customisable in architectural form.


The beautiful Art Deco inspired Angolo comes in 3 different shapes, perfectly fitting inside the intersection of two orthogonal walls, giving life to an indirect light.

Even when the light is switched off, AirCoral continues to work, purifying the air and making spaces healthier.

AirCoral is the preferred luminaire for installation in public locations such as healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics. Educational sectors such as childcare centres, schools and universities can benefit from the AirCoral action, ensuring hygiene and well-being. The quality of life within private spaces is significantly improved thanks to the properties of this material.

You can also measure the wellness level produced by AirCoral by using this technically savvy and innovative calculator. Select the product you would like to measure, specifying height of the compartment in centimetres, and it will give you a value of purified air in square metres.

All Buzzi & Buzzi Coral models can be manufactured on request, in AirCoral. Characterised by a smooth and silky texture, it is best suited to multiple types of lighting projects, giving spaces an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Genius downlight

The clever design of the Genius downlight makes it appear as a simple 20mm hole in the ceiling while delivering the same output as a full-sized downlight.

AirCoral material was used for the outdoor lighting Minivirtus Wall, helping to reduce the harmful effects of major polluting agents, while the light is spread through what appears to be a white stone material. This beautiful light is inert to moisture and salt, making it ideal for seaside properties.


Do you have a particular need for a healthy environment?

The AirCoral range is ideal for use in all domestic premises or commercial spaces including hospitals, health clinics, hotels, restaurants, universities, schools, childcare centres and kindergartens among many more.

Genius Twin Round

A recessed luminaire for indoor spaces made of AirCoral, the Genius Twin Round is a cost effective solution for doubling the intensity of light while totally disappearing into the ceiling, making it perfect for commercial and domestic spaces.


The Supernova is a disappearing direct light recessed indoor luminaire made of AirCoral, which can be installed on plasterboard ceilings to highlight architectural details. The 650mm rounded light hole creates a decisive light to enhance the plasticity of the ceiling.

Public spaces

AirCoral is the ideal choice for luminaires installed in crowded public places, which are potentially highly polluted spaces that can be harmful for human health. The special material offers a satin finish as well as health benefits.


Another lighting product for public spaces, the Zen pendant uses curved satin glass to create a suffused and consistent light. Zen comes with a white-painted ceiling case or a recessed housing that allows the driver to be placed in the false ceiling.​