Gilbert Lodge Australia  has recently launched the new MobIR M4 Thermal Imager with unique features like its compactness and lightweight thermal imaging camera. This unique model is designed to fit easily into the palm. It is small in size and allows the user to record thermal and visual images.

The MobIR M4 Thermal Imager has enough memory capacity to store up to 600 files, where in every file can have a thermal image or a visual image and even a voice annotation for about 30 seconds. With the MobIR M4 Thermal Imager form Gilbert Lodge Australia customers can download information to a computer through the software that comes along with the package.

This new product from Gilbert Lodge Australia features a 13mm IR lens and a 2.2” TFT and 1.2” CSTN colour LCD screen. The unit in MobIR M4 Thermal Imager supports a measurement of temperature ranging form -20°C to +250°C with a sensitivity of 0.12°C and accuracy of ± 2°C. The MobIR M4 Thermal Imager designed by Gilbert Lodge Australia is simple and affordable. It is currently available in the market.