Until a couple of decades ago, the workplace was just a space for people to work, with the utilitarian layout eliminating any scope for aesthetic and functional design. It was almost as if anything not directly related to the bottom line was considered a waste of resources and time. Over the years, company managements have realised that there is a direct correlation between the built environment and staff productivity; therefore, corporate interiors are today designed to keep the atmosphere interesting and inspiring for employees.

At Bosch’s new headquarters in Victoria, modulyss carpet tiles are not only ensuring a flexible working environment, but also inspiring staff by creating a happy workspace. As a world-leading multinational engineering and electronics company, Bosch is synonymous with German design and engineering excellence.

Designed by VIA Architects, the new headquarters in Clayton, Victoria houses approximately 800 employees. Bosch’s philosophy for Inspiring Working Conditions (IWC) follows principles similar to activity-based working (ABW), but differs in the desire to foster an uplifting and encouraging place for their staff.

“Collaboration is an important part of any workplace; our new headquarters with its inspiring working conditions embodies this approach,” observes Mounir Kiwan, corporate affairs manager.

The Bosch headquarters incorporates a green roof and outdoor courtyard as well as a mix of open plan spaces serving as meeting hubs, breakout areas, mixed-use work areas, testing facilities, employee amenities and designated training areas. Colours on the interior walls and floors not only demarcate certain spatial functions, but also serve as an eye-catching design that enables employees to consider their working practice and utilise agile working values to further increase productivity.

Prior to the renovation by VIA Architects, Bosch’s 12,000-square-metre workspace was not open plan; rather it featured a traditional space that made it difficult for staff to approach each other as they were positioned across multiple buildings. The newly renovated headquarters now fosters a community working space that not only encourages employees to approach one another, but also creates excitement when generating new ideas and innovative thinking methods.

Keeping Bosch’s innovative and collaborative focus in mind while maximising employee comfort and inspiration, VIA Architects specified approximately 5,904 square metres of modulyss Alpha 942 carpet tiles, which were supplied by Gibbon Group.

“We were really happy with the tone and consistent variation across the large floor. The carpet tiles are wearing well and blend seamlessly across the floor,” explains Clarissa Young, senior interior designer at VIA Architects.

Featuring a finely structured loop pile, modulyss carpet tiles provide a durable surface that withstands high traffic, while their GECA Green Star certification validates the project’s overall sustainability credentials. These qualities combine with Alpha’s aesthetic appeal to support Bosch’s aim in achieving their philosophy of Inspiring Workplace Conditions.

Balancing design and functionality, Alpha 942 offers an innovative solution for an innovative workplace with over 14 different shades of loop pile carpet tiles.

Images: Courtesy of Gibbon Group