In their quest to supply flooring that meets exacting environmentally responsible standards, GH Commercial proudly presents another globally trusted trademark through a range of PEFC CoC certified products.

Responsible forest management is critical for the global environment, population and economy. Along with supplying food, energy and renewable raw materials, forests promote biodiversity by giving habitats and shelter, and provide livelihoods for millions of people worldwide. 

Key to the cultural identity of local communities, forests mitigate the effects of climate change, capturing and storing carbon to remove volumes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Even when harvested for use in construction or furniture design, the wood will continue to store carbon for its useful life.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is a leading international non-profit organisation focussed on promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party accreditation. Taking local conditions and priorities into consideration, PEFC works to protect forests both locally and globally, forming partnerships with multiple stakeholders around the world to boost their collective impact.

What does PEFC do?

Through the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, the organisation promotes best practice throughout the entire supply chain to make certain all products from forests are produced to the highest ecological, cultural, ethical and environmental standards. This allows them to actively track every log from forest to floor, guaranteeing that the timber in these products is responsible through PEFC. In providing forest owners of all sizes with the means to demonstrate their responsible practices, PEFC empowers consumers and companies to buy sustainably.  

Responsible Wood

Responsible Wood is the national governing body for PEFC in Australia. The Responsible Wood organisation is committed to protecting and promoting Australia’s own unique environment, pioneering the development of certification standards for wood and wood products from sustainably managed Australian forests.


The PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) tracks forest-based products from source to market, requiring all companies along the supply chain to be certified by third party, and providing independent assurances that any forest-based products certified originate from a sustainably managed forest.

Believing in better

As a world-leading flooring manufacturer, GH Commercial takes the social contract of contributing to a healthier environmental future extremely seriously, continually challenging themselves to design, manufacture and distribute products that are healthier for all and kinder to the planet.

GH Commercial’s longstanding policies on responsible wood and ethical procurement ensure the stringent requirements of government legislation are achieved on their larger product portfolio. However, PEFC allows the company to pursue higher standards in key product categories such as engineered timber and laminate.

Four of GH Commercial’s leading flooring products have met the intensive requirements necessary to be officially PEFC CoC certified.

  • Corsica Oak (Engineered Timber)
  • Legacy (Laminate)
  • Amor Classic (Laminate)
  • Belle XL (Laminate)

Under their Product Transparency pillar, this third-party verification confirms GH Commercial’s continued commitment to developing healthier interior spaces and meeting green building standards, with the globally trusted PEFC label helping their customers confidently choose sustainable flooring.