Godfrey Hirst Australia introduces the Sorona Naturals Collection, the latest innovation in carpet tiles and planks for commercial interiors that combines sustainability, effortless cleaning and extra heavy duty performance with high design standards.

Renewable materials

Godfrey Hirst’s latest collection of carpet tiles and planks is made from the renewably sourced biopolymer, Sorona, developed by DuPont. Consisting of 37% annually renewable, plant based materials, this biopolymer reduces reliance on natural resources and petroleum based ingredients. Sorona’s production is a low energy process and releases considerably fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of nylon fibres.

Simple, effortless cleaning

The Sorona Naturals Collection is designed for easy, low cost cleaning using just water. The molecular structure of the Sorona biopolymer is virtually impervious to liquids, preventing spills from penetrating the fibres and turning into stains. Unlike traditional topical treatments, the Sorona technology will never wear or wash off for the life of the product.

With its ability to absorb 16 times less moisture than nylon 6,6 fibres, Sorona provides excellent anti-microbial properties and fast cleaning and drying times, making the Naturals Collection suitable for all commercial flooring applications, including in health and aged care facilities.

Perfect for commercial interiors

The Sorona Naturals Collection offers three design-friendly products specifically created for commercial spaces. Given the plant based origins of the collection, the carpet tiles and planks take inspiration from nature, featuring colours and patterns that echo three distinct concepts - Terrene, Nautilus and Oxygen.