GH Commercial has achieved Global GreenTag’s GreenRate, Level A certification for a number of their commercial vinyl and hybrid flooring products.

A third-party certification system used by architects and designers, Global GreenTag provides independent, evidence-based research on product solutions that contribute to a more sustainably built environment. Incorporating a universal product search interface showcasing over 10,000 sustainable products, Global GreenTag features several different certification programs.

Requiring complete transparency from manufacturers, one such program – GreenRate uses an ecolabel system and assesses exactly how and from what each product is made, rating their overall health and environmental impact, while also examining other criteria such as local sourcing, ethical labour and supply chain principles.

Global GreenTag

GreenRate Certified LVP and Hybrid Flooring

The following GH Commercial luxury vinyl plank and hybrid flooring products have been awarded GreenRate, Level A, the highest possible GreenRate certification.

Luxury Vinyl Planks 

  • Transform Collection (AU only) includes Moduleo 55 Woods and Moduleo 55 Tiles 
  • Impress Collection (AU only) includes Moduleo 55 Impressive and Moduleo 55 Expressive
  • Aquila DS+ 
  • Aaria DS and Aaria DS+ (NZ only)

Hybrid Flooring 

  • Apollo 
  • Apollo XL 
  • Apollo Stone 
  • Apollo Hardwood

As an increasingly aware marketplace looks to source materials that conform to stringent sustainability and toxic-free manufacturing standards, clear and unambiguous information is critical for decision-making.

Both the Green Building Councils of Australia and New Zealand recognise Global GreenTag as an important independent arbiter in verifying sustainable products, vital for achieving a Green Star certified building. Specifically devised by Global GreenTag to comply with Green Star’s rating tools, GreenRate certified products are examined for ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ criteria and confirmed for Building Code compliance.

As a transparency program with full disclosure of product ingredients, GreenRate looks at a product’s health and eco-toxicity, plus a multitude of other aspects, including ingredients at various stages and conditions such as resource use, waste reduction, greenhouse gas and water footprint.

GreenRate is entirely designed to support architects and designers looking to select products for their Green Star rated projects.

How does GreenRate, Level A certification translate across sustainable building programs? 

Featuring a multitude of diverse criteria open for review, GreenRate, Level A certification provides 100% of the credit points available in the Green Star rating tools.

Here’s how GH Commercial’s GreenRate, Level A certification translates across the widely used sustainable building programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Green Star 

  • 100% points under the ‘Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)/ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)’ credit (GreenRate, Level B = 75% points and GreenRate, Level C = 50% points) 
  • Points available under the ‘Sustainable Product’ credit  

WELL Building Standard

  • Recognition under the VOCs/ IAQ and Enhanced Material Safety credits 


  • Recognition under the VOCs/ IAQ credit  

Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating Scheme

  • Recognition under the ‘Sustainable Product’ credit

Green Star ‘Sustainable Products’ Credit

Given the increased emphasis on sustainable building practices, certified, environmentally responsible vinyl products are a frequent commercial tender request. PVC products in materials such as hard flooring, blinds, cables, pipes and permanent formwork are often recognised as the most fit-for-purpose, with no available alternatives or possible substitutions; as such, the Green Building Council of Australia has established that vinyl material cannot be ruled out for use. Therefore, vinyl products that have achieved the stringent GreenRate certification can earn points under the Green Star ‘Sustainable Products’ credit.

Learn more about GreenTag and other product certifications here