The Diginet Sitara was introduced by Gerard Lighting last year as a simple, smart and affordable lighting control system for every Australian home.

Gerard Lighting has now integrated voice-based control using the Amazon Echo range powered by Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa.

Lighting control with the power of voice command is the latest development in home innovation. A futuristic idea until recently, voice-based lighting control is now a reality with Gerard Lighting’s Diginet Sitara integrated with Amazon Alexa allowing homeowners to experience the comfort and convenience of using voice commands to control their lighting.

Just say Alexa

The user can simply say ‘Alexa’ followed by a command such as ‘turn the lights off’. This highly personalised lighting control system can be used to dim lights, set a lighting scene or turn off all lights without touching a smartphone or wall switch.

Ron Ghezzi, Segment Manager, Lighting Control at Gerard Lighting explains that Sitara has been designed to be simple and convenient for the user. Diginet Sitara provides a comprehensive home lighting control solution with high-performance dimming via the Avi-on App, wireless wall switches and in-wall dimmers in both pushbutton and the more traditional rotary dial configurations.


Installing Diginet Sitara to enable voice control is simple. Your electrician will need a Sitara Bluetooth dimmer (STDM/BT), Sitara Bluetooth remote gateway (STRG/BT), the Avi-On app and an Amazon Echo.