Gerard Lighting has introduced a new range of LED luminaires designed specifically and intelligently for the correctional facilities segment.

The increasing prisoner numbers in Australia are straining the resources of correctional facilities, with continued investment bringing increased focus to the efficiency of these facilities across the country. Modern correctional facilities are designed to meet community expectations around repatriation, deterrence and protection while ensuring that the prisoner’s civil liberties are upheld during their detention.

The effect of light and colour on behaviour modification, for instance, is stipulated as one of the overarching design factors in Australia’s correctional facilities.

Lighting solutions for correctional facilities, therefore, must balance effectiveness and efficiency with intelligent design. Key objectives include proper illumination, ease of installation and maintenance, and tamper-proof design to eliminate the possibility of lights being used to conceal contraband.

Gerard Lighting’s new vandal- and impact-resistant CELLITE LED luminaire range includes recessed fittings (CELLITE Remand, CELLITE Raw, CELLITE Armour), surface mount fittings (CELLITE Excelsior and CELLITE Royale), surface mount bed lights (CELLITE Bunker) and emergency exit luminaires (CELLITE Warden).

Designed for the secured environment of a correctional facility, the CELLITE range (especially the Remand series) can prevent human egress through the standard luminaire cut-out area. The skull of an average adult human will be larger than the width of the Remand series cut-out, ensuring that egress through a removed luminaire cannot occur without further physical alteration to the environment.

An innovative feature of the CELLITE range is the CEL-Skin, a robustly constructed sheet metal shell with conduit entry and cage nutserts, matched to the corresponding recessed LED CELLITE luminaire. Additionally, outer fins hold the CEL-Skin in place firmly once the concrete is fully set. CEL-Skin is recommended for ceiling lighting in correctional facilities, especially installations involving pre-cast concrete slabs that are required to be cut out, sometimes weakening the slab.

Key features of the CELLITE range of LED luminaires include high IK rating of IK10; excellent impact resistance to suit applications in vandal and high impact areas; pre-cast concrete mounting of recessed luminaires simplified with CEL-Skin, helping keep installation costs down and profits high; and optional nightlight feature, which can be mounted at the end or in the centre of the luminaire and is separately switched on, allowing greater control of the lighting levels within the zone. For example, if the guards want to examine a specific area at night, they can turn on the nightlight feature, instead of switching on the whole luminaire fitting.

The CELLITE recessed and surface mount range is also available with an emergency option, which will provide enough light for two hours to enable safe egress during an emergency.