Gerard Lighting has launched a new range of smart LED luminaires designed specifically to support the requirements of public lighting infrastructure.

The Sylvania RoadLED Midi is a state-of-the-art smart LED road lighting luminaire designed and engineered in Australia for both Australian and New Zealand major road lighting applications. The LED luminaires are compliant with AS/NZS CISPR15, SA/SNZ TS 1158.6 and AS/NZS 60598.1.

The new smart LED luminaires replace the traditional high wattage HID luminaires currently used to illuminate major vehicular roads throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Sylvania RoadLED Midi eliminates all the inconveniences of handling hazardous mercury vapour lamps, sourcing hard-to-find lamps or managing change out schedules for traditional light sources.

Key features of the Sylvania RoadLED Midi smart LED luminaires offer all the functionality of a high performance luminaire while also future-proofing your investment. These include an inbuilt NEMA 7 smart cell base allowing the fixture to network as part of the smart grid rollout with support for LOWPAN6, ZIGBEE, LORAWAN and NBIOT technologies; devices and sensors accommodated to allow smart city applications and customised platform integration; optics and LED light source optimised to provide maximum spacing for compliance with AS1158-1.1 Category V; and choice of beam cut-off with Aeroscreen and Standard self-cleaning visors helping achieve optimum and precise control over light distribution.

The Sylvania RoadLED Midi is a more compact version of the popular Sylvania RoadLED, which is currently installed on iconic motorways around Australia including the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The new smart LED luminaires come with a 20-year design life thanks to the compact but extremely hardy construction with no compromise on function. Some of the robust features include optical chamber sealed to IP66 within a pressure die-cast aluminium body; inbuilt surge protection device provided as standard; integral 240V control gear; assured long life from the finned array at the rear of the unit, which allows for excellent heat dissipation and extends componentry life; and specially-designed tamper-proof Cockatoo Clips to stop curious birds from damaging road lighting fixtures­.

The Sylvania RoadLED Midi is available in wattages from 60W to 150W with Class I (standard) and Class II versions to cover both new and retrofit opportunities.