Gerard Lighting has introduced a new LED wallwasher developed in collaboration with Disano for commercial projects.

Wallwashers are typically recessed fixtures that may appear as a standard square or rectangular recessed light tucked into the ceiling. These wallwashers have a unique reflective shield inside the housing around the light to reflect the light towards the wall.

Architects and designers often use wall washing and wall grazing techniques to add character to a commercial project, especially in offices, shopping malls, airport receptions and similar spaces. Recessed fixtures such as wall washers are trending in contemporary and design focused lighting in the commercial sector. With this in mind, Gerard Lighting collaborated with Disano to introduce an LED wallwasher – the Disano LED wallwasher to their Troffer range.

Inspired by Italian design and manufactured for Australian standards, the new Disano LED wallwasher features a sheet steel housing with excellent performance and light distribution. Key features include 4000k colour temperature; low-luminance anti-iridescence matt aluminium reflector; five-year manufacturing warranty; and 50,000 hours rated average design life.

David Blackley, Commercial Segment Manager, Gerard Lighting describes the Disano LED wallwasher as an ideal replacement for fluorescent luminaires, adding that the light’s optimised photometric performance is suitable for offices, retail and other commercial applications.