Gerard Lighting worked with Norman Disney & Young (NDY) Engineering Consultants on an LED lighting solution for The Gabba stadium in Brisbane. With this sporting arena lighting project, The Gabba became the first stadium to install LED lights for its external cricket practice nets. LED lighting recreates the same intense lighting conditions as a real night time match for players preparing for the big games.

NDY considered multiple options and arrangements before choosing an LED light solution for its use of optical technology. Gerard Lighting’s Sylvania Briteline LED Raptor floodlights were their definitive choice thanks to the light’s better control, lower glare, less spill light and low energy consumption. These LED floodlights use less than 40% of the energy used in traditional 2KW Metal Halide floodlights, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The project was not without challenges. The size of the site and its location within the Gabba precinct placed significant constraints on pole positioning and height. This was a critical part of the installation as the optimal delivery of vertical illumination was essential for batsmen when following the flight of the ball.

To ensure precision in the installation and meet the vertical illumination requirements of the stadium, computer modelling of the floodlight aiming was done – the final performance outcomes exceeded that of the computer modelling predictions in all aspects.

Observing that many sports venues were converting to Sylvania Briteline LED Raptor floodlights, Ben Mills, Executive General Manager, Gerard Lighting noted that the adoption of this Australian designed product was positively impacting the industry.

The Gabba lighting project was completed under very tight procurement and construction schedules, with the construction only starting in early November and installation completed and operational by the first week of December in time for the first Brisbane test match of summer 2016/17.