A new innovation in lighting design, the Crompton Hornet 20W LED floodlight designed by Gerard Lighting in collaboration with Blue Sky Design Group, has won the 2017 IES NSW Luminaire Design Award of Commendation. The IES Award represents the NSW Chapter’s quality in the design and manufacture of luminaires within NSW.

Setting a new standard in home floodlighting, the Crompton Hornet 20W LED floodlight was designed by Gerard Lighting’s electrical engineers Mark Ziegler, Guy Hatton-Ward and Derek Yao as part of a collaboration with Blue Sky Design Group specifically for the residential market.

Featuring a compact, adaptable and slimline form, the LED floodlight remains unobtrusive when mounted under eaves, offering a sleek aesthetic design and performance that sets it apart.

Ben Mills, General Manager, Gerard Lighting says the award recognises the vision of the company in understanding and identifying the future market requirements of LED lighting in this space.

Design highlights of the low profile Crompton Hornet LED floodlights include a perfectly sized slimline body; adjustable head (300° horizontal and 200° vertical) allowing complete flexibility to the user to direct light anywhere; and a separate mounting base enabling retrofitting onto existing floodlight mounting points.

According to Mr Mills, the Hornet redefines the familiar external residential floodlights to a whole new level. Unlike the industrial appearance of traditional floodlighting with their bulky form, the newly released compact, slimline design of the Crompton Hornet provides homeowners and landscapers with a stylish aesthetic for their external lighting. The focus on the aesthetic does not compromise on precision and efficiency, with the floodlight offering the performance of larger units.

The new Hornet LED floodlight is part of Gerard Lighting’s consumer facing brand, Crompton, and is expected to set the bar for superior residential outdoor floodlighting.