Gerard Lighting rose to the challenge of designing a lighting solution for the Blue Mountains City Council, which specified highly stringent requirements for the project.

The lighting company was engaged by the Council to design the lighting for The Three Sisters, an iconic landmark in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, The Three Sisters – a series of weathered sandstone peaks – tower over 900 metres high amongst the breath-taking cliffs of the Jamison Valley.

Gerard Lighting was given a stringent set of criteria for the project: the solution had to be LED-based to minimise both energy consumption and maintenance. The solution also had to be able to project light 600 metres across a valley of difficult terrain.

Gerard Lighting designed a solution that was robust, stable and easy to complete under dynamic conditions. Testing for the lights was also scheduled to confirm the solution’s overall efficiency and dependability.

The Tethys400 LED light fittings were installed with a narrow beam of 15 degrees to provide a series of benefits including reduction in energy usage from 6000w to 1200w; and more focused beam of light with the 15-degree beam angle illuminating less of the surrounding bush and more of The Three Sisters.

The lights came with a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin as the traditional 3000 Kelvin used to highlight sandstone did not showcase the finer features of the monument.

Maintenance was a major concern with the existing lighting system at the location since it required personnel to riskily abseil off the edge of the cliff to change lamps or undertake repair. The chosen LED lamps provide 50,000 hours of lifetime, significantly reducing maintenance requirements.

Gerard Lighting’s LED lighting solution has improved not only the look of this hugely popular tourist destination but also the maintenance requirements.