Gerard Lighting was selected by the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd (WSROC) to replace the existing street lighting in the area with more efficient LED alternatives.

Representing the interests of the Western Sydney Councils of Blacktown, Blue Mountains, The New City of Canterbury Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield City, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith, the WSROC decided to replace approximately 15,000 mercury vapour street lights across 136 suburbs of Sydney with low emission LED lights as part of The Light Years Ahead Project.

A key driver for the decision was the high expenditure incurred on street lighting, which accounted for around 55% of WSROC’s energy bills. Mercury vapour lights, many of which have been in place in Western Sydney since the 1970s, are costly to run and maintain.

One key challenge for Gerard Lighting was the need to ramp up production levels to meet the strict deadlines of product supply. Additionally, the new lights had to meet the performance standards of the existing fittings at the lowest price. Custom variations to the StreetLED model were also required to allow for faster installation.

Gerard Lighting rapidly modified their LED street lights to manufacture the StreetLED 22W as per WSROC’s requirement while also meeting the strict deadlines of the project. The modified design enabled easier and quicker installation while the energy performance ensured better light for less power consumption.

There are projected estimated savings in energy costs of around $1.08m a year for the councils and an estimated saving in energy efficiency of up to 60%.

The Light Years Ahead Project had councils, energy providers and Gerard Lighting working together to find a cost effective and environmentally viable solution that would benefit the community for years to come.