Gerard Lighting was engaged by the ACT Government Justice and Community Safety (JACS) Directorate to develop and implement a program to reduce energy consumption at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) in Canberra.

Located in Hume, south-east of Canberra, the AMC is a prison for individuals who are sentenced to full-time imprisonment and remand. Built on Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) principles, the prison incorporates sustainable initiatives such as 2.1 million litres of below ground fresh water storage, grey water recycling for toilet flushing and irrigation, solar hot water and high grade building insulation.

Focussed on energy saving measures at the AMC, the ACT Government JACS Directorate sought to decrease energy usage by 50 per cent across the facility.

Having supplied the existing Pierlite Vandalux and Vandaguard T8 fittings to the facility some years ago, Gerard Lighting was well placed to develop an LED replacement program that would guarantee the required energy savings.

Gerard Lighting replaced the old 80W T8 Vandaguards with a 42W LED retrofit, 40W T8s with a 22W LED retrofit, and the 20W T8 Vandaguards with a 12W LED retrofit. The upgrade also included the emergency monitored version of the Vandalux LED, which has now become a standard product for the prison in its current upgrade. The facility’s exterior carpark and area lighting systems were retrofitted with Sylvania SL10 luminaires that ensure a constant light level while providing maximum energy savings.

Gerard Lighting developed a complete retrofit kit for the lighting upgrade program at the AMC, allowing the facility to re-use the existing Vandaguard base, thereby reducing wastage of materials. The retrofit kit also allowed the project to be completed quickly, significantly reducing install costs and minimising disruptions to prison operations.

A major consideration during the execution of the project was the need to schedule deliveries accurately since the installing contractor had to install lighting under the supervision of prison officers, and in areas of the prison that were isolated by a strict schedule.

Gerard Lighting’s expertise in designing custom luminaires, providing in-house engineering and support, and ensuring flexible, dedicated project management helped deliver the ACT Government JACS’ requirements of a 50 per cent energy saving for the AMC facility.

The LED retrofit solution will ensure reduced energy usage and maintenance costs for years to come, helping to secure this correctional facility’s sustainable reputation for the future.