Gerard Lighting has launched a new lighting control system designed to offer a simpler, smarter and affordable solution for every Australian home.

The new Diginet Sitara offers an affordable alternative to sophisticated multiway lighting control systems that are beyond the reach of the average Australian household. Diginet Sitara lighting control allows homeowners to personalise the way they control their lighting using a Bluetooth powered smartphone or tablet.

Rod Edwards, RGM, Gerard Lighting explains that Diginet Sitara is bridging the gap between standalone and high-end lighting controls, and is helping boost the company’s profile in the residential space. He adds that it’s exciting to offer homeowners a lighting solution that would traditionally be quite costly, but is more affordable with Diginet Sitara.

Diginet Sitara lighting control benefits for homeowners

The Diginet Sitara lighting control system allows the user to personalise lighting moods, set different lighting levels in separate rooms, switch the lights on before reaching home after work, and turn lights on/off or change the light levels based on the particular time of the day.

Key benefits also include Avi-On iOS/Android App allowing the user to control all lights connected to the lighting control system from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet; vast range of fixed and movable wireless wall switches for maximum freedom of control; and ability to switch lights on before one reaches home, or simulate occupancy when no one’s home.

Diginet Sitara lighting control benefits for electric contractors

For most electrical contractors, it takes no extra effort to provide customers with simple-to-use multiway lighting controls that are easy to install in both new and retrofit installations. The Sitara system features new patented and Australian-designed MultiMate technology that enables lighting controls to use standard 240V wiring and installation practices, eliminating the need for specialist installation or wiring.

When connected in parallel, LEDSmart+ dimmers and switches allow dimming and switching of connected lighting loads from multiple locations without any additional wiring. No dedicated remote switch wiring or ‘control bus’ is required.

Diginet Sitara lighting control benefits for builders and developers

Sophisticated lighting control is a luxury feature that adds significant value to any new apartment or home. Developers and builders can integrate Sitara lighting control systems to add premium value to their multi-residential or new residential/ renovation projects, increasing the ‘wow’ factor for potential buyers and boosting profit margin per square metre.

With Sitara, overall construction can commence before the lighting package on any individual apartment is finalised. This allows the developer to offer different levels of lighting control packages, with the opportunity to upgrade or upsell after construction has started.